For busy federal, state and local governments, our process delivers custom made advantages.

Convenient - Our virtual mediation and arbitration process means there’s no physical meetings for the parties to travel and attend. The principal parties continue about their normal business while our process toggles between the parties using telephone, fax, written or email communications.

Low Profile - This process is less visible and moves along quietly without unwanted fanfare or publicity.

Deliberation Time – Our process allows each party the leisure of time to carefully deliberate their position and, if needed, consult with others using as much time as is reasonably needed before responding to resolution proposals. There’s no pressure to make spontaneous decisions at face to face meetings. If needed, there’s also the time to establish and implement policy changes as part of resolutions.

Delegation of Work - Our process allows senior decision makers to delegate the day to day details of the arbitration process to subordinates while reserving final approval authority.

Reduced Cost – Our process replaces the need for expensive, time consuming and sometimes intimidating legal processes. We guide the process in the right direction to desired results saving time and money.

Friendly - Our process is non-adversarial, very personable, and dedicated for reaching amiable resolutions for the parties.

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