Our "virtual" mediation system is cost efficient not only for our clients, but also for us. We are fortunate to have a steady client volume which has allowed our fees to become rather modest in relation to the quality and success rate of the services we perform... and consider the following benefits.

We have many years of past experience dealing with a wide range of issues. During our free, initial consultation with a prospective client to evaluate the problem, we can normally project the time, effort and probability of reaching a successful resolution.

Therefore, in most cases, we will simply quote a flat, fixed fee. This policy is our way of ensuring discipline and excellence in our services, without cost surprises.

The formal Mediators Of America process begins with our Q&A phone interview to learn about the issue. We also need to evaluate if our services will likely be of any real benefit towards achieving a successful resolution. To insure someone is truly committed with us to the mediation process we require a "good faith" retainer fee payment to start the process. We have a variety of convenient payment method options available.

Some unique situations may call for a different approach to our fee arrangement. In such cases, we are adapted to being flexible