Today, Mediators Of America is a growing network of regional offices in the United States. Each office is staffed with a Managing Director and experienced Mediation Executives.
Offices may have attorney and non-attorney mediators.

Our mediation services are focused primarily on issues involving private individuals, businesses, and also government agencies.

What kind of individuals and organizations do we work with?

Everyday individuals from all walks of life...and businesses such as American Express, Sears, Citibank, Bank of America, Capital One...all the major banks, the IT industry, Insurance Industry, major universities, the automotive industry, hospitals, the food industry, the telecommunications industry, and the list goes on.

For Federal, State, and Local Government Departments and Agencies, please see our page on Public Policy.

Some of the important characteristics we discipline in our process include:
- Absolute Integrity
- Sincerity (we are genuinely personable to all parties)
- Excellent communication and creative skills
- Also, see our Rules of Procedure

We have many client testimonials, professional and legal community references.